Out Of The Blue
November 24, 2017

Every good barman knows that a cocktail is more than the sum of its parts. While the ingredients of a drink may stay the same, the taste can be enhanced or even transformed by the surroundings in which it is enjoyed. With this in mind, the Blue Bar at The Berkeley has curated an intriguing, secret space for guests, to explore how sensory stimulation can alter our perceptions of flavour.

At Out Of The Blue, up to four guests at a time enter an immersive, 360-degree projection environment, created using bespoke technology. Then blurring the lines between scent, sight and taste, guests are served four bespoke taster-sized cocktails, created by the Blue Bar team. The cocktails take inspiration from the Blue Bar’s True Colours menu, tantalising the taste buds by balancing light acidity and sweetness with potency and depth.

By stripping away the traditional cues and creating this synesthetic immersion, Out Of The Blue brings the ingredients into sharp focus, allowing connoisseurs the chance to experience cocktails like never before.

Ben Monk photographed the final cocktails alongside their secret ingredients, which are only revealed at the end of the experience.