Bombay Sapphire × Canvas

Paloma Rincón was invited by Bombay Sapphire to participate in their Canvas Bar event, part of the Stir Creativity campaign focused on connecting the brand with the creative process. Fifteen international artists were commissioned to transform a blank warehouse into a living piece of art during the 5 day event in Shoreditch. The audience was allowed to both witness and be a part of this live transformation while sipping cocktails and observing the artworks as they developed.

Each night Paloma deconstructed the Canvas cocktails created by leading mixologists from around the world. The attendees were able to witness the whole process while Paloma was creating the images.

Using the botanicals that go into Bombay Sapphire as a starting point, Paloma created a series of sculptural compositions experimenting with the ingredients and garnishes of each of the cocktails that were being served during the event. Paloma used sculpted resin “ice” as a structure and captured the movement of falling liquid that represented gin.

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