This collaborative project from Paloma Rincón and Pablo Alfieri is a playful way to portray early morning sex. In this series where nude bodies and breakfast food come together, there is no romanticism, no trace of the act itself. Instead, it is a comical and innocent way of exploring a timeless (and popular) subject.

“Our starting point was the idea of creating a project that reflects the points of view and complementary visions of both artists. Really, it was an excuse to find a quirky and fun visual language that is playful yet refined. The series is full of textures, pop colours and a naïve sense of humour, qualities that are characteristic of both our work.

Away from the classic erotic language, we wanted to depict two different subjects that modern social conventions discourage us from experimenting with.  Since we were children we were told not to play with our food, and definitely not even talk about sex. So we challenged ourselves to explore these topics in an innocent and direct way – an ode to pleasure, enjoyment and freedom.

The purpose of the images is to create a positive reaction from the audience; they act as an excuse for us to discuss taboo topics with a knowing grin. Just like children can harmlessly joke about these subjects, hopefully now you feel playful enough to enjoy the best hours of the day!”

Before Sex
Early Routine / Just for Myself
From Farm to Table / Delighted Breakfast
Special Room Service / Healthy Breakfast
On Your Back / Morning Fetish
The Temptation / The Trophy
After Sex

Sex for Breakfast


Creative & Art Direction: Paloma Rincón & Pablo Alfieri
Set Designer: Pablo Alfieri
Photographer: Paloma Rincón
First Assistant: Laura Hojas
Second Assistant: Izabela Galkowska
Art Assistant: Ofelia Hernandez
Casting: Nydia Vacas
Model: Miriam Larragay